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Kelcey Fisher Decks the Halls in Bushwick

May 5th, 2017

1381 Myrtle Ave’s unique visual identity was designed by super street artist/muralist Kelcey Fisher. Born and raised in Miami Beach Florida — with it’s neon lights and 80’s pastel inspired design—and having moved to San Diego in 6th grade — mere miles from the dry illuminated deserts and beaches of northern Mexico—Kelcey Fisher’s vision as an artist continues to be in service to the colors of his past. As a beloved creative and muralist throughout Southern California, Kelcey’s iconic pattern work of soft primary hues has found a home throughout the streets of the west coast, and on the walls of the residences that line them. Similar to the man himself, Kelcey’s art is approachable, light and memorable. And most importantly, so are his clients’ experiences of working with him.